This move, long in the making, reaffirms our commitment to create a great environment for female football and comes at a time when women’s football in the country is making big strides. We want to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to give young girls the opportunity to play football at Farnborough FC at all ages.

Club Captain Leighann May:

“It’s the right time for Farnborough Football Club to provide young girls a platform to play football, and with the game growing so rapidly for girls, this club has the foundations and the establishment to offer such great potential.”

“As female players, we need to inspire young girls to keep playing because the future of female football has unlimited potential”

“It’s always been a dream of mine to play for my home team, and to be part of the start of this journey as Captain of the women’s team has been incredible.”

Vice Chairman of the Junior Academy James Elliott:

“Girls football is the next step for us, I know as my daughter wants to play in a girls team but is currently playing in a mixed team, which is what inspired the start of women’s recreation football, and starting that inspired the women’s setup and now the creation of our female player pathway.

“We want to give girls the chance to have access to football to enjoy it and have a pathway into adult football, and that’s what this will do.”

Women’s First Team player Ellie Stalley:

“I think it’s great for Farnborough to start girls football, the women’s game is taking off and there needs to be more options for the young girls, especially in this area.

“Football isn’t just a game, it’s an escape, an outlet. I’ve played since I was 4 and it was the best decision. It’s so much fun, but it’s also a good way to socialise, and it teaches you how to be part of a team.”

“As a kid I would count down the days until training or a match. Football is the light of my life, it has always given me a sense of belonging, and I feel like Farnborough starting up girls football would open up so much opportunity for young girls to discover a whole world of fun and a place to feel understood.”

Head of Women’s Football and First Team Women’s Manager, Craig Shields:

“It’s long overdue for us but I’m delighted that the academy and the club are behind the project of not just having a women’s football team play here but to ensure we strive to create the best place to play for girls in the local area.”

“The Farnborough FC Women’s project was started with one objective in mind: ‘change the world’, and in our own little way we’ve done that and want that mantra to drive us forward.

“We’ll continue to raise standards in the female game and we’ve got a wonderful opportunity to provide girls of all ages the chance to join a community club that provides incredible support off the pitch, allow them to enjoy playing football on the pitch, and potentially the chance to play at this incredible stadium.”

In addition to young female players, we are also looking for coaches to join the club to help with the creation of teams in our female player pathway and can support them on their coaching journey.

More information will be released in due course, please keep an eye out for our coach and player interest forms which will be released soon.