Duncan will join the Board as a Director, whilst Alan and Edd become Non-Executive Directors.

L-R: Rob Prince, Edd Rourke, Duncan Saunders, Alan Betteridge, Simon Gardener

CEO Rob Prince said:

“It’s common knowledge that we have been looking for investment in the club to help secure further long term stability and success for the club. So after a protracted search to find the perfect candidate, I am delighted that we have managed to find three. They each bring something valuable and different to the table, so I am very excited for the club’s future.”

Farnborough FC Community Trust’s Managing Director said:

“I am thrilled to announce my investment and appointment as a Director of Farnborough Football Club.

“I am committed to contributing my skills and passion for the sport to lead the club towards success on and off the field. Together, let’s build a strong and united football community.”

Local businessman Alan Betteridge said:

“I am delighted and excited to get involved with Farnborough FC. Although I didn’t know much about the club before Duncan’s introduction, getting to know Rob, Simon and everyone around the club is extremely infectious…..I am now most definitely one of our vocal fans! I look forward to working behind the scenes, to help support the club’s ambitions in the short and long term.”

Local businessman and “Football Man” Edd Rourke said:

“I am delighted to have been presented with this opportunity to become part of Farnborough FC and am thrilled to be here.

I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone involved with the club, working with them and helping the club progress with the long term plans and being part of this journey.

Up the Boro.”

Back the Boro. Your Club… Your Share

We are close to announcing ways in which fans will also be able to invest in the Club. So, keep an eye on our social media for further announcements.